Why you should treat your brand like a person

If I told you one of your friends had behaved inappropriately in public, did something shameful, hurtful, mean-spirited or plain stupid you'd have a reaction to it.

Brands are no different.


That's right, your brand is governed by these factors whether you're aware of them or not.

For most of us, they are an extension of our identity, even our utilities, bank of choice, and soap choice can be a decision based on both moral and ideological standards that govern our behaviour.

These are based on things like where a brand chooses to act

  • Ethical standards
  • Social choices
  • Community engagement

Look at the current trend with banks abandoning fossil fuel investments, Qantas taking a moral advocating to legalise gay marriage, glasses company Warby Parker who for every pair of glasses sold, distributes a pair to someone in need, and finally the amount of companies now registered as B Corporations (sustainable businesses).

Your brand's choices and business practices are no longer yours alone, they belong to your audience, your customers, and community.

Your brand needs to decide what sort of brand it is. Much like we need to decide what sort of person we want to be, and who we call our friends.

Oliver Minnett