Watch us Grow Our Facebook Page from Scratch

Here we are, our first day of school. We are trying to convince our target audience (venues + brands aligned with nightlife and youth culture) that we know social. Truth be told we wanted to change the name of an existing page we have which is exactly the same audience and focus (nothing else really makes sense if you are going to pivot your page to a new brand). Unfortunately Facebook can be a bit of a nuisance when it comes to this stuff and leaves you hanging. Kind of like going on a date, having a great time, thinking everything went well but you haven’t heard anything from them. Are we going to make it to date number 2 or not? Screw waiting for that. We like to make lemonade! We saw this as an opportunity to practice what we preach and hold ourselves accountable to ‘showing’ as much as we ‘tell’.

Today is day one. We literally started today with absolutely zero friends. Yes we are the new kid at school who is sitting alone at lunch. Our hope is that if you are interested in what we have to offer and our content, that you won't let us sit here alone on our own for too long. What kind of jerk does that huh! To each his own tho. You can let us sit alone, you can get us to do all your homework without giving us anything in return. You can be the bully that comes over and picks on us if you like. It’s your call. We are just gonna do our thing. Whether you want to love or hate us, the best way to do either is by keeping track of what we do. So give us a ‘like’ (take Nike’s advice and just do it).

We aren't going to clog this post with all the best information on how to set up a page because a thousand other people have already done that. Google has got your back there if you need help with that. We will tell you a couple of things we will and won’t do…

We aren’t going to spend a tonne of money on Facebook ads. We know some of you, especially venues don’t have a lot of money to allocate. but we are going to spend some because it WORKS! Hopefully we demonstrate why you should be trimming some of your other marketing allocations and investing more into Facebook.

We are going to be patient and consistent. Social media strategy is like that old Pantene slogan; it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. We will play to win but our strategy is going to be based on the strategy we preach; patience & consistency. We accept from the outset that while a piece of great content can grow your following rapidly, you can’t bank everything on that. You need to build a realistic relationship with Facebook based on structure, routine and doing the right things consistently. The right thing is always delivering value to your audience by the way!

What we are going to do is focus on what is probably the reason ads haven’t worked well for you in the past. We are talking about a little something called the ‘C & C’ principle. Content & Context! In a nutshell, this is creating and developing the right content (website articles, links, images, videos etc) for the context. Context involves the channel you are posting on, product/service you are marketing and your intended audience. For more information on this, see our article; How to go from Random to Deliberate with your Social Media Content.

So here we go. Day 1 of our journey on Facebook. Stay tuned and thank you for listening.

Oliver Minnett