What is engagement?

When you work on something it's easy to get lost in it, it's easy to pay attention to all the metrics that are out there. But what is it all really about?

Well for most, it's really about your audience buying your services or product.

However, online there's often a large skew, the bigger your online presence the more money your brand is worth, and the more brand capital you have and the more customers you should have.

Generally speaking, engagement should lead to more leads, sales, and a larger audience, making it easier to sell, often these numbers are built solely to sell to advertisers.

Which is why high engagement is considered the holy grail of social media.

However, even IF people are paying attention to your product, you need to look beyond that.

I have worked with brands with huge social capital and some who have bought into brands with huge licensing fee deals or used others to leverage off their social presence.

What's important with engagement really comes down to one clear cut thing.

Are these people your intended audience?

From that you can start to ask a series of important questions

  • Is it converting to sales?
  • Are you growing your database?
  • Have you gained more potential leads?
  • Are more people taking your advice?

Social media is often looked upon as a holy grail, a beacon to get people to pay attention, but no one will care unless you care about them.

So start asking hard questions, be clear about who your audience are, and once you are, engage with them directly, don't wait for them to come to you.

Thanks for reading,


Oliver Minnett