If you want kick ass content. Don’t let 100 critics decide.

You’ll dilute its value. Everyone loves to give feedback, but there is constructive feedback that works to strengthen the quality of the work.

Then there’s the ten rounds of changes that dilute the quality of your content.

Pick your critics wisely!

Before letting someone have their say, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Do they understand the vision? 
  • Are they good curators? 
  • Do they understand and empathise with the purpose?

Senior management, and other teams obviously need to add their weight and their opinions need to be valued, they're in their roles because of the way they think and the value they add. However those opinions usually should be heard before undertaking a project, and you need to understand their objectives and how they interplay with your content and work before not after. Especially when it comes to creative content.

There is a difference between respecting opinions and diluting your brand.

It's important to be dispassionate and be willing to change, but it's another to lose the original purpose of your work before you're finished with it.

So plan ahead, and pick your critics wisely!

Oliver Minnett